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Your gas furnace is an integral part of your home or office and is often one of those things we take for granted when we walk into a hot room on a freezing day. When your furnace breaks down and you’re having a problem heating your home you can rely on a High Efficiency Furnace available in BC to put the warmth back in your house.

When shopping for a furnace, the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is the most import factor to consider. AFCU indicates what percentage of the energy is being converted to heat. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient—meaning you’ll save more money, off course also meaning more initial investment for your home as the furnace installation cost varies based off the AFUE ratings. To choose the right high efficiency furnace for your home, you need to consider many factors like how old is your house, how long you are planning to stay in the house, your house insulation condition and your budget. It is not an easy job. Let an experienced technician at a local heating BC business nearby help you make the best decision for your household. If your home is still operating on a mid-efficient furnace, it would be best to get a furnace replacement done immediately so you can switch over to a more high efficiency furnace that can easily be found at many Vancouver Furnace shops in bc.


High Efficiency Furnace Options For You in BC:

Platinum ZV Furnace

  • 95% AFUE
  • Variable speed heating for improved heat balance
  • AccuLink Communicating System
  • Comfort-R Humidity Control
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty


Gold ZM Furnace

  • 96.7% AFUE
  • Variable speed heating for improved heat balance
  • Comfort-R Humidity Control
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty


Gold XM Furnace

  • 93% AFUE
  • Two-speed heating for moderately good heat balance
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty


Gold SI Furnace

  • 92% AFUE
  • Single-stage heating for decent heat balance
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty


Silver ZI Furnace

  • 96.7% AFUE
  • Single-stage heat for decent heat balance
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty


Furnace Installation BC

FURNACE repair BC:

As a property owner, you have an obligation to ensure that your HVAC system is properly maintained especially after you install a new furnace in the home. Installing a new furnace does not mean you’re in the clear to let it deteriorate until you’re forced to purchase a new one or deal with other issues that can be avoided. It is now your job to maintain and service it regularly to make sure you can keep that brand new furnace running for the long run. Ideally you should be working out with a warranty agreement with the company that installed for you so they can come in and know exactly what to do moving forward.  

Furnace Maintenance Improves Energy Efficiency

In this day and age of high energy prices, it is important for BC homeowners to take steps to reduce the amount of energy that they use within their properties. If you fail to properly maintain your heating system, you are likely wasting a great deal of energy trying to keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter. Finding gas furnace experts can troubleshoot your heating system to determine if there are any problems that are causing it to run inefficiently. During their furnace service, their technicians will resolve all of these issues. During the winter, your furnace will operate in the most reliable and efficient fashion.

Heating Service Reduces Repair Costs

According to HVAC experts, seventy-five percent of broken down heating systems could have been prevented by routine, proper maintenance. Find the right heating company in BC you can feel confident knowing that your heating system is properly maintained. Their heating technicians can expertly identify any damage that has occurred to your furnace. By repairing the damage early, their professionals prevent the issue from being exacerbated. As such, your overall repair costs are lower, and you do not have to worry about complete system failure.

Furnace Maintenance Postpones the Need for Replacements

The last amazing benefit of routine maintenance service is that it helps your system perform for the longest time period possible. Because furnace tune-ups make your heating system more efficient, your heater will not have to run for as long in order to provide your BC family with the comfort that you expect within your home. By preventing major damage from occurring to your furnace, a regular furnace maintenance company can ensure that your system lasts for its intended service life so go out and find one so you won’t be dealing with a premature gas furnace installation, replacement, and broken furnace parts that could’ve been easily avoided. Because of all these amazing benefits, routine furnace maintenance practically pays for itself.

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