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Welcome everybody to TUITOOLS! The most reliable and resourceful site in BC to helping you make the right decision for all your furnaces, boilers, fireplace, air ducts, and water tank needs. The buying process can be a difficult situation at times when you have a licensed gas technician walk into your home claiming you need to get numerous gas repairs or replacements done that will bill you a good chunk of your income. The common person is most likely not too knowledgeable to how a furnace even functions and can only put their trust on this certified technician. Next thing you know, the gas fitter convinces you enough to agree on getting a big gas repair job done to your furnace so you go ahead and take your chances because he/she is the professional while you’re not. The job is finished and you’re mourning all the loss money spent so you decide to dig into some deeper research to find out if all that work on your furnace was really necessary? You hire another technician around BC to come and take a look at your furnace after the first repair was completed to find out that all that work and money spent wasn’t needed whatsoever. All your trust to let any gas technician enter your home ever again has diminished leaving you bitter, regretful, and prepared to never get any job done on your furnace until they’re so run down it’s a mandatory requirement. Unfortunately, this is a predicament all homeowners have dealt with their furnaces and Tuitools is right here to help make sure you can avoid every unprofessional business in BC without having to spend countless hours on review sites.


My name is Jason Kham, I’m a certified gas fitter and have been in the business for over six years now here in beautiful British Columbia. I’ve done it all when it comes to working with furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, hot water heaters, air ducts, vents, and your other gas related jobs. On that note, I’ve seen it all as well and what I've seen is not a pleasant sight. I started my career as an employee working at Sears where we never had to manage our own clients or schedule and went out to work wherever Sears told us to go that day. My very first shift was a training and introductory type of day where I shadowed an older gentleman who’s been with the company for 5 or so years. Our first job was to drive down to Surrey, BC and finish up a regular maintenance on a Lennox furnace that Sears installed 2 years ago. We arrived at the destination and waited by the door until this customer in her mid 60’s opened up the door for us. She was a kind and generous lady as she offered us beverages while we worked but that wouldn’t stop what was about to happen next. At Sears, the base wages weren’t the best so it was encouraged to boost the company's, and your own income by up selling and performing questionable tactics to earn a commission. We serviced the furnace and everything looked to be as good as new until my trainer told the lady that she needed a new heat exchanger claiming whoever came in 2 years ago didn’t install the whole system properly. This poor old lady didn’t know any better so she agreed to it right away and like a shark who smelt blood my trainer knew this was his opportunity to earn a hefty commission on the next paycheque. By the time you know it, she had a new hot water tank installed, and got all her air ducts cleaned to finish the day. The damage was done and I was in disbelief to what I witnessed but this is the career I chose so I was going to make it work one way or the other.

For the next five years, I stayed on with Sears working as a reliable hand who genuinely didn’t care about making commissions at all and did my best to help out all the homes in an ethical manner. Sure, my pay wasn’t as good as some of my coworkers but the thought process behind the strategy was the hope I could gather up a large clientele who trusted me so I can start my own heating company where the customers were put first. Soon enough, I left Sears and joined a local private heating and cooling company in BC where I had all the freedom in the world to organize my own schedule. I contacted a number of clients I built up over the years at Sears to inform them I left and switched over to a new private heating firm. Little did I know, the new team I joined had a bad reputation on its resume from many complaints around the BC area, and guilty by association a lot of my clients wanted nothing to do with me. Although, there were a few who did trust me still, and I was able to get a detailed report on what exactly my company did so wrong to many homes. The gas technicians apparently had been caught multiple times toying around with furnaces, boilers, hot water tanks, and fireplaces while clients weren’t looking so they can bill them up for a large repair or a whole replacement that they caused themselves. That right there was as low as you can get so I confronted the owner and other gas fitters to see what they had to say for themselves but I got nothing but denial.

I quickly switched over to another business that had a cold calling system in place which I thought was really unique and did some calls myself when I wasn’t working out in the cities. Quite frankly, the sales were extremely tough because of how bad the stigma had gotten for us heating technicians where nobody trusted anybody from that field of work let alone a heating company cold calling via the phone around the BC area. When I first entered this company, I was in the mindset that the cold calling was simply the foundation to a number of long-term value we’d be building our clients but that was not how it played out. This flawed system was structured to where we would cold call homes all over BC, offer one of the best prices around for the yearly servicing, get inside the homes, and try to up-sell as much as you could knowing that we’d probably never have to deal with this house again. The company felt so strong about all these potential leads they invested into their cold call program that they could operate without scarcity thinking they could easily take all the money they can from one house and move onto the next like it’s nothing. The only initiative I saw this company put into building long-term relationships was when they put their branded stickers on newly installed heat appliances with a phone number hoping for a call back sometime down the road. I even suggested using a CRM type strategy that the company could implement for their cold called leads but it was shot down due to the owner not believing the return of investment was there.

My dissatisfaction with all this unethical behavior I was seeing was at an all time high which all started from that first day on the job at Sears up until that point. From that point on, I took a leave of absence from gas fitting and decided to research all the different heating businesses around BC to find the few that I could trust my own Mom using so I could create a platform to share with every homeowner here in the Metro Vancouver area.

Honestly, I do not have the funds to start my own high-quality heating repair company in BC but what I can do is become the voice that everyone has been looking for to help their decision-making process easier and much more comfortable as a customer when it comes to that furnace, boiler, fireplace, or hot water tank you have.


There are some key points you need to know yourself as a customer before reaching out to a professional to come into your home to work on your furnace, boiler, and etc.:

Don’t fall into any cold calling, door to door, or any other spontaneous types of sales contractors may try to push onto you. The strategies a number of plumbing and heating companies around BC may try to apply consists of offering a “limited time only” discount or scare tactics where they’ll claim your furnace and other heating units are outdated and need immediate replacement before anything dangerous occurs down the line. No matter what situation you may find yourself in, relax, take your time, grab their business card, the price quotes, and do the proper research before forging your hard earned money into these potentially large purchases.

Investing in a new furnace or another natural gas appliance is not everyone’s first priority when thinking about their homes but the fact we’re dealing with the air that you breathe in every single day should get your mind focusing more on what parts you may need to upgrade. The efficiency for these newer furnaces and other appliances have gotten more amazing throughout the years and are a real benefit to saving yourself the energy used resulting in cheaper gas bills as well as giving your home the freshest air possible for a longer period of time. For healthier families who don’t have any issue with breathing problems of any kind might get away with not needing to upgrade as long as a regular maintenance is kept up but the ones who do have members in the house with asthma or similar conditions may need to think twice and invest in the most efficient furnace, boiler, or water tank for the safety of your family. Here's a quick tip for before you decide on investing in a high-efficiency furnace: Gas furnace prices in BC shouldn't be determined and agreed upon through the phone due to the fact a proper price quote consists of the actual gas fitter entering your home, evaluating the home for 45 mins plus, and giving you the best furnace option thereafter with warranty included. If a furnace cost is given to you through the phone or has been determined in less than 15 mins then take those as signals to move on.

I can confidently say that probably every human being on this planet values finding the best prices and deal no matter what the circumstances are but when it comes to your home's furnace and boiler, there is too much at stake to rely on saving a few extra bucks. In fact, if an extremely low bid is offered up to you that should cause some alarm and warning signals to go off instantly. Your furnace and the rest of the heating units are all very complex systems that need the proper servicing and maintenance through the most professional of contractors who may feel a bit more confident in asking for a heftier price knowing they are doing what exactly needs to be done. Whatever quote these contractors might give you please make sure to ask why it’s priced that way, what exactly is being done in detail, the valuation for each job done, and all the credentials they have to prove they’re professional heat contractors in BC. Another note is to find out if their company is registered with the BBB as that can be a huge benefit on your part to be able to view a rating and review on that business who've actually invested in being a part of the BBB.

Building a new home shouldn’t give you the comfort in knowing your home is in perfect condition as home builders may not have installed your furnace and heating parts correctly so it’s best to get actual experts to come in and double check everything. Moving forward with the brand new house, regular servicing must be kept every 2 years followed by every single year once the new furnace or boiler hits 10 years of age for optimal efficiency to keep your heating units up-and-running for it's designated living period and so you can avoid unnecessary repair.

As I stated above previously, your home’s heating systems are extremely complex and should only be handled by licensed professionals in BC. Of course, there are still a number of homeowners who feel they’re handy enough to be performing these jobs themselves but unfortunately, that’s only going to cause more harm than good in the long run so leave your ego at the door and hire yourselves a certified gas fitter. What homeowners can do themselves, is to make sure the furnace filter is being changed every 1-3 months regularly, and to turn off the furnace, boiler, and all the heating systems down when the summer approaches here in BC.

Yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but since we're all Canadian and not living out in Miami, a regular maintenance on your furnace is required yearly. From your furnace, hot water tank, fireplace, and boiler it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure the proper care is being made to avoid all potential hazards that may occur. A fireplace service to remove seer and furnace cleaning should be taken care of every other year while the cleaning of the air ducts and vents should be done every 3 to 5 years. It is actually an unofficial legal obligation you must follow not only to ensure safety for your house but the homes around you who can be affected just as much.


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The rebates consist of money being sent right back to you for any furnace, boiler, water tank, and fireplace installations as well as having $25 accredited off your Fortis BC gas bill if you have your appliances serviced to ensure it's modulating. Fortis BC offer these rebates to allow all homeowners to get their furnaces and other heat units serviced yearly without worrying about the financial burden it may be so they can feel comfortable in knowing all the home’s in BC are running on good efficiency.
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The question still remains, why should anyone trust me with their furnace and use this site at all for any expertise? It’s simple, I myself am an expert gas fitter with years of experience who happens to have sympathy for those who’ve been wronged and want to make it my purpose to put an end to it all. During my extensive research, I’ve called multiple companies around BC asking all sorts of questions ranging from prices, business models, job procedures, and etc. I’ve also reached out to numerous residential homes who’ve shared all the horror stories you can imagine as well as the good ones that I’ll make sure to share with you right here on Tuitools. Your #1 source in finding all the top furnace repair, boiler, installation, ducts, and hot water heater specialists.



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