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When it comes to deciding on a brand new furnace or boiler most homeowners in Vancouver, BC struggle with the idea of the large investment they may have to make for this installation and replacement. The thought of whether this procedure is even necessary or not is a problem that everyone goes through. To make things simple, you should start by finding out the age of your home’s gas furnace or boiler. If the age of the furnace or boiler is over 20 years old since originally installed then you might need to start preparing yourself for a replacement as the life expectancy for a furnace and boiler range from about 15 to 20 years with regular maintenance every year. Take all the time you need in making the best choice for your home by contacting a handful of heating contractors in Vancouver BC to weigh out as many options as possible. Whether it’s different prices you’d like to see or trying to figure out who you can put the most trust in for this major heating installation, it’s best to stay patient and calculate all the fine details.

High-Efficiency Furnace Vancouver

Are High-Efficiency Heating Systems Worth It?

Furthermore, depending on your financial situation, you may want to invest yourself a high-efficiency furnace or boiler that all have over 90% in AFUE ratings which will guarantee you a longer lifespan, smaller gas bills, efficient energy, and more time in between servicing. This could be particularly beneficial for people who’ve got a history of breathing problems or live with individuals with similar conditions as a high-efficiency furnace will keep the air in the house as clean as it can be for a longer period of time opposed to getting a maintenance and cleaning for your furnace more often than you’d like.

How To Properly Access The Boiler or Furnace Installation

The last factor, you must take into consideration before completing your heating replacement is what the appropriate size of the unit is for your Vancouver BC home. Size may not matter for some things. But in regards to your heating and cooling systems, it not only matters, it's essential – both to your wallet and the wellbeing of your house. In both instances, incorrect sizing to furnaces and boilers leads to premature failure increases your fuel consumption and servicing costs. Under-sizing the unit will be equally detrimental as it can cause numerous comfort issues and an inability to stay in demand, particularly in temperature extremes. So what's the best way to prevent the worst case scenario from happening? Ensure your Vancouver heating and plumbing contractor does a whole “heat loss and heat gain computation” on your house. The only solution is to review all the variables there are in the house so the proper size can be finalized. This needs both an onsite evaluation of the house, including an in-depth conversation with the homeowner about future and lifestyle details. Shifting windows, updating insulation levels, finishing the basement, air-sealing or adding a fresh accession – all these improvements and repair will affect the size you may need for both furnaces or boilers.

The contractor may also take into account:

Local climate states in Vancouver;
Existing cold and hot areas;
The number of windows around the house as well as the amount of heat and sun that's let in;
Existing insulation amounts;
Lifestyle and amount of a house’s occupants; and
The known air exchange rate of the Vancouver house

When Planning Your Furnace or Boiler Replacement ...

These are the Red Flags You Should Be Looking For

Be wary of contractors in Vancouver BC who rush through the proper calculation and assessment for your home. Warning signs include an estimated quote made over the telephone or within a short 15-minute visit. A professional business in Vancouver BC analyzes all the variables and should take upwards of an hour – occasionally more. Don't consent to a straightforward “rule of thumb” calculation and be certain to request a “heat loss and heat gain computation” as part of your purchase procedure. A significantly high priced purchase is what you'll be dealing with for all your heating needs so be sure to get it right with no second guesses.


Make sure you're making the effort to finish up a Furnace or boiler installation and replacement in Vancouver during the Fortis BC rebate season. By doing so, you will be eligible in claiming a good amount of money back that gets sent right to your mail through a check that Fortis BC will write for you. The benefits that these rebates offer are quite amazing and should be taken full advantage of.

Other than Tuitools you can also you can check out the BBB for reviews of a number of heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation companies to help make your decision making a painless process.


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