Understanding of the potential advantages and possible issues of air duct cleaning is limited because conditions in each home in Vancouver BC are different so it's not possible to generalize about whether air duct and dryer vent cleaning might be advantageous for your home. However, if household members are experiencing unusual or unexplained symptoms or medical conditions which you believe may be connected to your ventilation, and what you're breathing in you need to talk about the situation to your physician. Your home is where you want to feel comfortable so be aware of what you breathe in.

You might consider getting a cleaning done for the dryer vents and ducts simply for the reason that it appears logical that air ducts can get dirty over a long period and should occasionally be cleaned. While the discussion about the value of regular duct cleaning continues, no evidence indicates that such cleaning is even needed. However, in case a company in Vancouver BC doesn't follow proper duct cleaning procedures, duct cleaning can cause indoor air issues. For instance, an inadequate vacuum assortment method may release more dust, soil, and additional impurities than if you'd left the ducts alone. A careless and unprofessional service provider you might find in Vancouver, BC can harm your ducts or HVAC program possibly increasing your heating and air costs or forcing one to tackle potential expensive and challenging fixes that will turn your cleaning into one big headache.

You need to consider an air duct cleaning for your Vancouver, BC home if:

There's substantial visible mold growth inside hard surface (e.g., sheet metal) ducts or on additional parts of your furnace or appliances.

There are several important points to understand regarding mold recognition in cooling and heating systems:
Several segments of your cooling and heating method might maybe not be reachable for an obvious inspection, so ask the service supplier showing you any mold they state exists. You ought to bear in mind that even though a substance might appear to be mold, a confident perseverance of whether it's not or mold might be produced solely by a true professional in Vancouver BC and might require laboratory analysis for final affirmation.

If the conditions that created the mold growing aren't handled, mold growth may re-occur. Weigh out your options and consider in completely removing the mold if confirmed instead of simply cleaning it.

Ducts are clogged with huge amounts of rubble and dirt or particles that can be released into the house from your registers.


An effective air duct cleaning job may cost between $400 and $1,000. It varies by how big the home is but experts say to expect to pay $500 for the average house.

Steer clear of the bait and switch scam

The most frequent frauds used among a duct and vent cleaners in Vancouver BC would be to get their feet in the door with $49 “whole-house” cleaning deals through advertisements in the mail, coupons, cold calls, or etc. followed up with up-sells of unnecessary services and several additional costs. It is possible to find yourself spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unanticipated costs for the $49 cleaning once they begin speaking about “extra returns “ and ”main outlines". A great air duct cleaning correctly completed by a certified company located in Vancouver, BC will cost at least few hundred dollars. If it appears too good to be true then prepare yourself to move on to the next option for your cleaning. Several advertisements list a limitation in the fine-print, including one primary main line plus 10 vents but many houses have a minimum of two main runners and 10 or more vents. Corporations typically throw in additional fees for these extra vents or runners. If you do happen to stand your ground and make them perform for the advertised cost, many of these “bait and switch” contractors here in British Columbia simply throw in the towel and stick a vacuum in the vents for a few minutes. An actual air duct cleaning does not resemble that whatsoever. It should take a few hours at the very least so when an air duct cleaner who's hopped out in less than an hour probably didn't do an appropriate cleaning. Many quality HVAC cleaners use truck-mounted, outside vacuum setups that handle all the dust and debris outside the house for the most optimal cleaning.

What can I look for as a smart customer?

A number of locations in Vancouver BC don’t license air duct cleaners, therefore you should check them out in some additional manner. Demand a viewing of their liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. Any trustworthy business here in BC would be happy to supply the required evidence you ask for. If they don’t follow those orders, locate another business as that ones clearly not reliable which could result in damages to your home or the possibility of one of their workers getting hurt while on your property. The circumstances of an unfortunate situation of that nature could lead to a large fee coming out of your wallet. Make sure that the business has been around for a number of years in BC and has actually kept its name for a long period of time. They will likely not be vanishing a few weeks later if an issue arises knowing that the organization has been around your neighborhoods for years. If a duct cleaning business has been anonymous up until 3 weeks to a month ago and doesn't have a specific address location in BC, proceed cautiously as those come off as major red flags. Ask for references, and assess them. It's worth taking the time to get it right to avoid a bad investment on your part.

Is Daily deal offers a good thing or a rip-off?

Cutting edges should never be done when receiving an air duct cleaning by any means regardless of what discount deal you may think they're providing you.

Experienced duct cleaners all say you should expect the exact same degree of service like if you paid full cost when getting discounted work done. Look in the fine print and be sure to understand just what you’re obtaining — if the offer gives a $199 single system air duct cleaning be sure to understand how many vents, lines, and runners are in your house. Be sure to use TUITOOLS to guide you through all the scam artists we have in Vancouver or use the BBB to check up reviews.

When they find mold within my ducts what happens?

If an air duct cleaner suggests a costly solution to remove mold they've discovered in your air ducts, don’t be afraid to question them to wait in order to get another opinion. A trustworthy company won't mind and will be there every step of the way. If they produce a high-pressure sales pitch and demand you get the work done without a moment to consider it then proceed to spew out scary claims of your families health potentially being in danger, employ another person immediately.

Advantages of Dryer Duct + Vent Cleaning

Enhanced air quality:

This main purpose to get duct cleaning done is significant to anybody suffering from particular allergies. Without maintenance, appropriate installation and operation of HVAC system parts, they are able to become infected with other detritus, dirt, pet dander, and pollen. Furthermore, wetness develops mold harbors, spores through the ductwork, and into your house. Their existence in the ducts will expose you to them at any moment and will be troubling if you are sensitive to some of these contaminations the HVAC program runs. That’s why eliminating contaminants with duct cleaning is therefore extremely important to a person with allergic reactions or asthma.

Reduced Energy Costs:

The flow of air is essential for optimum HVAC equipment operation. With fungi, dust, and grime sticking to the duct work partitions, airflow is reduced up to fifty percent thanks to improved friction resulting in poor efficiency. Plus, when cooling and warming rings build up filth, their ability to exchange warmth suffers. Cleaning all the parts result in a lower energy bill with Fortis BCl.

Prolonged life:

Rubble and excess dirt on additional parts and coils are the main reason behind premature system failures. These variables make all of the HVAC systems work more difficult than required to keep your house cozy, thereby decreasing how many years the units may survive.

Trust-worthy duct cleaning technicians should:

Open doors and all interfaces to make sure the whole program inspected and is completely cleaned.

Make sure they're inspecting correctly for asbestos-like substances that can only be eliminated by professionals who are specifically trained in asbestos removing and must not be disrupted.

Utilize a vacuum which will deplete particles outside of the building.

Shield carpeting and furnishings through the entire cleaning process.

Apply a brush duct cleaning on top of the vacuum service to remove all bits of dust and particles.

Protect the duct work by closing, re-insulating access holes, and to utilize gentle-bristled brushes to clean fiberglass metal ducts or duct board covered with fiberglass.


Here's the timeframe you should expect to be doing your duct and vent cleaning in the simplest of explanations for those of you still a bit confused. Remember, you must to take the time to check the ducts yourself and assess whether or not some work may be needed.

Every 3 to 5 years. Keep clear of businesses who indicate more regular cleanings are required.

Unless you know the preceding homeowner has gotten the ducts cleaned before you moved into the new home within the last three years, move forward with a cleaning.

When finishing a brand new house that was constructed, it's likely the ducts have accumulated other substances employed throughout the building period and rubble from drywall dirt.

After finishing major renovations for a house. Heavy construction jobs distribute sawdust through the entire house where the debris may fall into the duct work unless you took extreme measures in protecting them throughout the renovation.

If animals are living in the house that drop dander and fur. The right house cleaning methods and duct cleaning can help stop it from distributing through the entire house.


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