Your Responsibility as a Homeowner When It Comes to Overall Heating Service and Surrey Furnace Repair

Becoming an owner in Surrey BC during this housing market is an accomplishment many tenants around here wish to have. With that being said, as a homeowner in Surrey, you should claim responsibility in taking care of your home properly, and that starts by looking after all your heating appliances. Whatever heating unit you own, you’re expected to have a cleaning, service, and maintenance finished year-round by a Surrey heating contractor depending on the age of appliance. By doing so, you’re keeping up with all the progressions your heating units are making, so you’re not only aware of what’s going on at all times but prepared to make the necessary boiler or furnace repair before anything worse happens. The consequences of not following yearly tune-ups or cleaning could lead to a gas leak, carbon monoxide fumes, unnecessary repairs, premature unit failures, early replacements, and possibly combustion of the heating appliance. Remember we’re dealing with natural gas here which should not be taken lightly in any circumstance so make it a conscious effort to know how your heating system is doing every step of the way by creating a relationship with one of your heating contractors.

Furnace and boiler service cleaning in Surrey, BC for any heating systems you may own should include:

  • A maintenance and safety test for carbon monoxide (CO);
  • Checking for hazardous debris in the chimney and flue;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of air filters and reinstalling;
  • Checking operation of thermostat and safety controls;
  • Checking gas pilot safety system and cleaning as required;
  • Maintenace and cleaning the motor and fan;
  • Servicing and checking the blower operation;
  • Checking condition, tension, and alignment of fan belt, and performing required adjustments, service, maintenance, and repair (on older systems);
  • Cleaning burners and setting for proper combustion and ignition;
  • Checking the gas piping to the heating.
  • Furnace and Boiler Maintenance in Surrey

    Some registered heating services in Surrey offer cleaning and maintenance sales together, but it’s important to understand what the differences are between the two deals. What’s listed above is what you should be expecting for a simple tune-up but if the technician is claiming there’s cleaning or refinishing involved then

    here’s what you should be receiving from a gas fitter in Surrey:

  • Filter should be replaced or receive a cleaning
  • Service and cleaning of the blower assembly, belts, pulleys to blower, and motor housing
  • Vacuuming, cleaning, and lubrication of those parts are excerpted
  • A dissemblance of your heating unit should be expected when a cleaning is taking place to ensure a good thorough job by your heating technician is being done correctly
  • A Furnace Repair That's Unavoidable?

    Most people are ready to have their HVAC equipment serviced every fall before the winter hits here in Surrey but at times can be a little tentative to face the truth about their current heating system. Every year, a homeowners worst nightmare is to find out that their heating units are in need of a major repair which will most definitely be a little pricier than your usual serving of HVAC appliances. Whether it’s residential heating or a commercial setting in Surrey, you might have to deal with a lot of repair for your furnace in the cold weather if you have not taken proper care of it. This is why you should educate yourself on the most common heating repair problems so that you can manage your units properly to avoid it from happening and so you can understand what repairs are unavoidable. If you were wondering why you need to pay a lot of attention to a potential furnace repair, there are plenty of reasons. Think of those long cold winter nights you deal with every year in Surrey and without a proficient heating system; you’ll be only doing more harm than the good by saving a few extra dollars if you ignore the repair needed. Before hiring a heating contractor in Surrey, who will be able to offer the necessary skills to help with your repair and service, you should know a few things about why the most conventional repair they go through. This will help you pinpoint immediately when an emergency furnace repair is needed and what you can do yourself in between the time your heating technician in Surrey arrives.

    These are five of the most regular heating repair problems furnaces deal with –

    Clogged or Dirty Filter Inside The Equipment – Clogged and dirty filters are one of the most common heating repair problems when it comes to your heating system. Ignoring your filters and leaving them dirty reduce the airflow of the system. This makes the heating circulation process more difficult, causing additional, and unnecessary pressure. A clogged filter can also damage the limit switch which affects the fan. This is why you should replace the filters of the system every 2 to 4 months to improve the efficiency and expand the lifespan of the heating system to avoid any extensive repair. Filters can be bought for less than $5 in Surrey and will be worth it in the long run so you can avoid a heating repair annually.

    Repair Due to Lack of Service and Maintenance – Once you’ve invested thousands of your hard earned money to buy a high-efficiency or mid-efficiency furnace system, it’s not your job to start slacking off right after because a regular maintenance still must be kept up, and if not regularly maintained a lot of repair for it would occur. For example, an increase in the energy cost will be billed, unexpected breakdowns, poor performance, and a lot of emergency furnace repair work coming your way. A regular inspection by a Surrey contractor will help run the system reliably and efficiently for all types of furnaces.

    Mechanical Tear and Wear – Like any other piece of machinery you have laying around in your Surrey home, a heating system too is subject to mechanical wear and tear repair. This repair can occur at any point of time and may lead to airflow problems to all types of furnaces. If not treated correctly, this can also cause overheating or heat control related issues to furnaces. You must remember that it's is made of lots of components, is a complicated system, and if any of the parts stop functioning, the entire system will stop.

    Pilot Control or Ignition Control Problems – Ignition and pilot control are two of the most critical components of the furnace, and if these face any need for repair, it won’t work efficiently. As a result, it will make it tough to heat your home or commercial space in Surrey. Check out which type of ignition system your home is using. In case it’s a hot surface ignition system, it will use some resistance heating element. On the other hand, if it’s an intermittent pilot system, it will use a high voltage electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot.

    Malfunctioning Thermostat – Thermostat is the device that determines exactly when the heat needs to be produced and in what quantity of temperature. In case the thermostat is needing a repair, no heat will be produced, and the hot air won’t get circulated throughout your home. The furnaces heat that is responsible for ensuring comfort for the cold weather in Surrey will also be non-existent.

    These are some of the most regular heating repairs you will be dealing with. You can avoid all these issues by ensuring you’ve got a functioning heating system by getting regular maintenance, and timely repairs. So, contact a Surrey HVAC contractor to get the unit inspected thoroughly followed by the right repair if needed.

    Final Note ..

    Using the BBB to Find Certified Heating Technicians in Surrey

    Tuitools is a great resource to helping you find the best heating contractors in Surrey to help with your home's heating but using the BBB website as well as a bonus for customers. When it's time for the cleaning or repair, using the BBB will help you find ratings, and reviews to pinpoint what trustworthy companies are available in Surrey. The BBB is as authentic as you can get so using this resource would be a smart decision to ensure your Surrey home is getting a proper cleaning and repair for your furnace. The BBB covers all different businesses in Surrey, Vancouver, Langley, and some other reputable ones around with an excellent business rating.


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